Overview of the published and planned media from WORLDWATCH on the subject of environmental and species protection, pollution, global warming and other global challenges such as COVID-19.

Worldwatch countdown

ONLINE SINCE JUNE 2020: WORLDWATCH's first media project provides fascinating slideshows on climate change, environmental and species protection and other global problems such as the COVID-19 pandemic - with alarming countdowns of scientifically sound figures and forecasts.

Worldwatch app

IN PLANNING: This app will visualize global and regional data from the areas of environment and climate and convert it into understandable graphics and maps. The visuals generated can be adapted and loaded by the user and are used for education and illustration of complex ecological issues.

Worldwatch Live

IN PLANNING: Experiences, opinions and tips about the WORLDWATCH apps and the environmental topics implemented in them can be commented on in the blog and exchanged in topic chats. WORLDWATCH users can also participate digitally in initiatives; upcoming events and dates will be announced.

Worldwatch Cult

IN PLANNING: Show your attitude to the environment and climate with sustainable fashion and accessories - completely recyclable and fairly manufactured. All environmentally friendly raw materials are listed transparently with label ID - everything can be traced back to the producer.
With every euro you also directly support the WORLDWATCH idea.


We always work with the greatest transparency and care in our media: the origin of all data and images or videos is always clearly communicated. The graphics and maps are only created on the basis of reputable, traceable and independent sources.


The handling of personal data such as mail and postal addresses as well as other user data is subject to the highest security standards - these are used exclusively for the purpose agreed by the user.

If cookies are used in the apps, they only serve to improve navigation and a smooth media experience. The linking of this user data is never linked to the corresponding identities and is deleted after use for media optimization.


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