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The countdown is on: The effects of global warming can be felt all over the world - the environmental impact is bringing many habitats, plant and animal species to the critical limit. It is time to make all existing data globally visible. It is high time to act.


As a start-up, WORLDWATCH is a dynamic company: fresh ideas, new media, additional partners and current news. Be there when the WORLDWATCH idea conquers the world - we provide you with news and updates. In addition to the further development of the WORLDWATCH agency, other media are already in the planning phase:

Fresh apps
and projects

The next app is already in the works: visualize global and regional data from the areas of environment and climate and convert them into understandable graphics. Interest?

First talk,
then act

In planning: A communication platform around the WORLDWATCH apps and the environmental topics implemented therein. Why not have a say when it starts?

Worldwatch news

WORLDWATCH is a start-up with many new ideas for working on environmental and climate protection. Be there when our movement grows!


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